Privacy Policy & GDPR Statement

Precision Inks (UK) Ltd T/A Precision Films respects your privacy, therefore any information generated through interaction with us will only be used by Precision Films and will not be passed onto any 3rd party without prior consent.

This privacy policy aims to inform you, as a business, that any interaction with us as a customer or supplier will result in us acquiring necessary data in order to contact and communicate with preferred personnel. This will include but is not limited to; your full name, your business address, email address and any contact telephone numbers we are provided with.

For valid reasons you are eligible to request what information we currently hold about you or your business if any discrepancies are found let us know and we can amend and/or delete as appropriate. There is no charge for providing this data unless we deem a request to be onerous or excessively time-consuming. All requests for data will be dealt with within one month. Where there is a charge, or we feel we cannot comply with a request, you will be notified in writing. Where you suspect data is incorrectly handled, withheld or is subject to breaches in security, you have a right to object to the Information Commissioners Office. More information is available on their website;

In line with the business records requirements of HM Revenue and Customs, all data will be kept on our systems for a minimum period of seven years. After this period, physical data will be archived or destroyed. Personal data held electronically may be kept indefinitely.

Unless specifically requested to be deleted, your data will continue to be kept on our systems even if you cease to be a contact. This allows us to deal with potential future enquiries or requests for information.

For further information regarding our privacy policy please read the full policy, linked below. If you have any questions regarding the policy or your data, please contact us directly for more information.

For our full Privacy Policy please see the link below

Precision Films Full Privacy Policy 2021

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy notice