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Anti-Microbial Lamination


Precision Films now offer a new step in the right direction for overcoming Covid-19, releasing the latest lamination protection Anti-Microbial. This advanced range has been developed to not only contain an additive to suppress bacteria but now to provide defence against strains of Coronavirus, reducing the presence of Coronavirus by 73% after 12 hours. The creation of this innovative Anti-Microbial Film is a result of independent testing on a Feline strain of Coronavirus, resulting in the confirmation that it does offer anti-viral properties. Allowing this to be certified as an Anti-Microbial film.

With the importance of safety and cleanliness at an all-time high, this lamination film can be an additional barrier against the fight of Coronavirus: eliminating bacteria by 99% after 24 hours and now with a chance of controlling the spread of Coronavirus. The addition of this additive has many essential attributes, with the focus on how their properties remain intact throughout the products lifespan, providing a long-lasting protection.  With this latest advancement will come a shift in mentality, offering confidence to end users in their finished product and it's significance within society.

This Lamination Range is available in Matt & Gloss with the offering of Thermal, Wet & Digi-Stick applications. One of the highlights of this film is that it carries similar properties to our standard Matt & Gloss, making it easy to use and adapt to, for any advice please contact our technical expert Lenny-

From the addition of these anti-viral properties, the targeted audience and clientele broaden, pushing more sectors to use this sort of protection including: Hospitality, Food & Drink, Corporate, Medical Industries and Education. The protection this lamination offers will aid the country into a safer work and sociable environment, supporting us to interact in a world with Covid-19.

Trialled & tested, this lamination film has been examined by independent labs analysing the presence of Escherichia Coli (E Coli) and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It was crucial to find that the additive reduces bacterial levels ≥ 99%  and conforms to ISO 22196 in which is the industry measurement on the activity of anti-bacterial on plastic & non-porous surfaces. With this success, further tests were completed resulting in an accordance with the ISO 21702 test, which is designed to examine the breakdown of viruses that meet plastics or similar materials. After this test was completed, there was certified anti-viral activity resulting in this being accredited as an Anti-Microbial film. All these tests were carried out on a strain of Coronavirus with further tests currently being completed on the current Covid-19.


Any further updates will be posted as soon as possible.

For information please find our links to their product pages:

Anti-Bacterial Lamination


As part of our commitment to continually trial and promote new products, we are now able to announce the introduction of thermal Anti-bacterial Gloss and Matt to our extensive lamination range. This innovative range of lamination film stops the spread of bacteria. With the usual routines of day to day life, printed material can simply pass through 100’s of peoples hands. Even in the most hygienic surroundings, it is easy to imagine how bacteria could be spread through such channels.

It is important to state at this point these films are not anti-viral, they are proven to prevent 99.9% of Bacteria only. However, in today’s current climate the world has become more clean conscious than ever before, whether it be a type of packaging, book or printed document people are wanting new ways to prevent the spread of germs (bacteria). With that shift in mentality, this range of lamination film gives clientele the confidence in their finished product.

These lamination films are unique in that their antibacterial properties are not simply the result of a specially applied coating but are integrated into the film itself. As a result, these films are well suited to applications for the food, transport and medical industries. Whilst proving popular in these sectors historically they have taken on a new level of importance in environments such as schools and childcare.
With the Anti-bacterial range, you can give your clients the confidence that the film will remain bacteria-free no matter how many people interact with the surface. The antibacterial properties remain just as potent even after washing or cleaning. The testing has concluded that the final product will have active protection for the intended lifetime of the laminated item.
As stated above these films are only proven against bacteria and we feel it is important as a respected distributor to outline that fact. Working with manufacturers they are testing and investigating the film's performance against other potentially harmful microorganisms such as a virus. If these extensive tests prove the film can fight against the spread of a Covid-19 we will communicate this with all clients and share the necessary documents backing this up.


Whilst it is a positive move to bring these innovative products to the market, we all hope at Precision Films that everyone remains safe during these difficult times.

Recycling Statement

Here at Precision Films we are aware of the ever growing topic of recycling and taking responsibility of what we use and supply to the printing industry. As a result we have worked with suppliers to create a generic statement to cover the facts regarding the products we supply to the Industry. 

The Lamination film we supply is made up of Polypropylene granules, generally abbreviated to PP. This material is a recyclable thermoplastic polymer widely used in many different products. PP has a resin identification code of 5, and is recyclable at dedicated recycling facilities. 

The responsibility to recycle relies on the individual to dispose correctly, so it can therefore be be re-purposed and we can make the best of it's indefinite lifespan. The recycling process involves five steps:




Reprocessing by melting

Producing new products from recycled PP

PP products are fed into an extruder where it is melted at 2,400 °C and cut into granules, the resulting pellets are then ready to use in the production of new products. 

In conclusion Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and the majority of our products will come labeled as a recyclable product from now on. If you have any other questions please get in contact with us and we will do the best wherever possible to help and support yourselves. 


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy notice

This notice informs you, as an individual on whom we intend to hold personal data, of the purposes for which any data is stored and used. It also details your rights in respect of any data held by us.

As your Lamination film and consumables supplier, we will hold data as required in order to contact and communicate with preferred personnel. This will include, but is not limited to: your full name, your business address, email addresses and any contact telephone numbers we are provided with.

Copies of all emails sent to us will be stored electronically for future reference. Wherever possible, all information held electronically will be securely stored on an encrypted cloud-based server. All electronically-stored files require passwords or other security measures in order to be accessed.

Any information held in physical form will be available for inspection at the business office: 5 Little Tennis Street, Nottingham, NG2 4EL. This office will be locked at all times and no information can be accessed without the attendance of an officer of our company.

Under no circumstances will any information be released to third-parties without your express written consent.

All emails and files generated by this company are scanned for viruses using Microsoft Windows’ in-built security software. Where information is sent to you by email, it is not this company’s policy to password protect attachments. Should you require this level of protection on your emails, please advise us in writing.

As an individual, you have the right of full access to your data at any time. You have the right to know what personal information we hold about you and in what capacity we hold the data. You have the right to have that data amended if incorrect or deleted from our systems. You can restrict our usage of the data and have the right to object if you think something is not being done correctly.

There is no charge for providing this data unless we deem a request to be onerous or excessively time-consuming. All requests for data will be dealt with within one month. Where there is a charge, or we feel we cannot comply with a request, you will be notified in writing.

Where you suspect data is incorrectly handled, withheld or is subject to breaches in security, you have a right to object to the Information Commissioners Office. More information is available on their website;

In line with the business records requirements of HM Revenue and Customs, all data will be kept on our systems for a minimum period of seven years. After this period, physical data will be archived or destroyed. Personal data held electronically may be kept indefinitely.

Unless specifically requested to be deleted, your data will continue to be kept on our systems even if you cease to be a contact. This allows for us to deal with potential future enquiries or requests for information.

Should you have specific requirements as to how long you wish data to be kept, then please provide them to us in writing?

Please bear in mind that the removal of certain information from our systems may make it difficult for us to continue to function as your lamination film and consumable supplier In these cases, you will be notified in writing of the effect of the data removal and given the option of either retaining the data on our system or ceasing the provision of our services.


Phone System Improvements

On the 24th of May 2018 our phone system will undergo some improvements which may cause some disruption to the landline number. The improvements are scheduled to take place during the morning of the 24th and any disruptions should be isolated to this time slot, meaning normal service will be resumed in the afternoon. 

The best method to contact us would be via email through usual channels or alternatively using the sales email address which can be found on the 'Contact us' page. Should you need to contact us urgently you will be able to do so on the following mobile numbers:

Sally Carnelley (Financial Director) - 07787241743

Lenny McCalla (Sales Manager) - 07973751398 

Thank you for your patience during this time. 


New Product - Digital Foils

Here at Precision Films we are always looking at ways to improve, and by adopting that attitude we are always looking to add to our already impressive product range. As a result we now have the capability to supply Digital Foils, this exciting announcement has come about after a visible increase in demand for this product in the market. We have worked to source the best quality product to match the needs and demands of our customers. 

Please see below what we hold in stock:

Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Gloss, Matt, White 

All above foils are available in 320mm, 480mm and 640mm and as standard are 300m rolls, all foils are supplied on a 3" core. We also offer a Black foil which is available in the same sizes but is 120m in length. For any queries regarding our foil range or a quote please contact a member of our sales team or the office and they will be happy to assist where ever they can. 



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